"Multi-tiered metal containers packed with food"

Little luxuries in life:

• Tucking the kids to bed early
• Kicking back and watching your favourite TV show
• Enjoying a home-cooked meal after a hard day's work

 Kim's Kitchen's Tingkat meals have been a part of many Singaporeans' daily lives, and if we dare say so ourselves, a little luxury to them at the end of a hard day's work. Just as you work hard during the day, we strive to make your dinner as enjoyable as possible. Much care goes into planning for the daily menu so you feel our passion. Just as much effort goes into the daily preparation of your meal so that a complete meal comes piping hot for your enjoyment. Do not just take our word for it. Hear what others say about us and take our 5-day trial for your personal experience of Kim's Kitchen.

Rates of Tingkat meal: 

 $211.86 W/GST   * 2 Pax (2位) $198.00 W/O GST

 $302.81 W/GST   * 3 Pax (3位) $283.00  W/O GST

 $383.06 W/GST   * 4 Pax (4位) $358.00  W/O GST

 $452.61 W/GST   * 5 Pax (5位) $423.00  W/O GST

 $543.56 W/GST   * 6 Pax (6位) $508.00 W/O GST

 $623.81 W/GST   * 7 Pax (7位) $583.00  W/O GST

- 3 Dishes + 1 Soup Meal Set.
- 4 Dishes Meal Set
- Microwave Container Extra $12.84 W/GST/ $12.00 W/O GST
  也提供采用微波炉容器加 $12 W/GST
- 20 Days Meals = 1 Month.
  每20天 = 一个月
- Public Holidays Will Be Replaced.

Tingkat menu changes every two weeks.
For more information, please call Ms.Rachel at 6342 4988

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